Welcome to my web page. I am a
consulting psychologist based in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland.
I have practised in state agencies and private practice in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK over the past 36 years, and have specialised in developmental disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperacticity Disorder (ADHD).

The purpose of my web page is to provide useful information to both colleagues and clients, in the form of downloadable resource material. Please use the menu on the left to access anything you'd like to read. I have written these handouts in
straight forward easy-to-read language, with parents in mind. The handouts are all in PDF format so you can save and read them on yourcomputer, and print them if you wish.

NB: This page is continuously under construction.
More is added as it becomes available. or when I get time to write more!

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